Rhodes by ferry

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Have you decided to reach Rhodes, the destination of your dream vacations, by sea? Then you will be spoiled for choice. And above all you can “invent” a journey almost to your image and likeness. The largest and most fascinating of the Dodecanese islands, in fact, is currently connected with many other islands of the Aegean and the Greek mainland (and Turkey) for the whole period of the year, but it is especially in the summer.

Ferries to Rhodes

The first thing to note is that no direct connections from Italy to Rhodes island are available. But this does not necessarily represent a disadvantage, indeed. It can turn into the perfect opportunity to organize a trip by sea among the wonders of the Mediterranean, for example.

Also in this case there is the most practical and fast solution and that, so to speak, more imaginative. The most practical is to reach the Piraeus port, perhaps starting from Trieste, Venice, Ancona, Bari or Brindisi, and from there embark on a ferry to Rhodes. The journey with the ordinary ferry departing from Piraeus to Rhodes lasts approximately 16 hours.

Instead, the most imaginative solution is to get lost among the islands of the Aegean, taking advantage of the many sea connections to enjoy all the charm of the Mediterranean, immersed in the history and nature of Greece, before reaching the long-awaited final destination. The main companies that operate routes to and from Rhodes with the rest of Greece are Blue Star Ferries, Anek Lines, Ga Ferries and Dodekanisos Seaways.

Among the islands of the Aegean connected with Rhodes and which certainly deserve a visit are Syros (10 hours away by boat), Santorini (about 7 hours), Leros (5 hours) Nisiros (5 hours), Tilos and Kastelrizo (4 hours), Simi (more or less 1 hour journey) and many others. All perfectly connected by ferry companies. Even the coasts of Turkey, which are only 18 kilometers away from the island of Rhodes, offer direct connections even with fast hydrofoils.

Regarding Rhodes, the island hosts 5 ports, including 3 in the capital (Central port, Kolona port and Akandia port) and the others in Kamiros and Lardos.

And if what scares you is seasickness, do not worry. There are drugs and natural remedies that can not wait to come to your rescue: keep calm, close your eyes, and the worst will be over. It will not be a trivial seasickness to ruin a fantastic crossing of the Aegean islands, or to distract you from your final destination, the enchanted island of Rhodes.

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