Koskinou village

Small village full of breathtaking views

A handful of kilometres south of Rhodes, overlooking the sea, lies the traditional centre of Koskinou, a small village full of views and breathtaking landscapes. It is a place to be included in the list of things to be seen during your summer holidays, in this extraordinary island of Greece. Since it will certainly be able to offer you many emotions, despite its size certainly not exaggerated.

The beauty of this village lies mainly in the streets of its historic centre, where one after another a large number of small houses alternate. Each one of them has its facade decorated with different colours, which are obviously very lively. The alleys have the scent of the flowers hanging on the windows and on the balconies, while occasionally there are colourful and bright fabrics hanging on the walls. In addition, the locals are always available and friendly with tourists who alternate in front of their houses.

After going for a walk through the small streets of Koskinou, what is better than a lunch break? The village offers its visitors many traditional restaurants and taverns, where you can eat delicious dishes, most of which are based on fresh fish just caught by local fishermen.

Obviously the village has also a tourist beach, lying on the sea, characterized by the usual soft and clean beach, full of hotels, villages and clubs on the beach. Really perfect if you want to spend the night in Koskinou.

Woe then to who spends his holidays in Rhodes, a jewel among the islands of Greece, without even going for a short walk in this wonderful Hellenic village, where the tranquillity of the sea is combined with the beauty of the tradition of fishermen and other inhabitants of the place.

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