When to go to Rhodes

Hot summers and mild winters

If you have decided that the island of Rhodes is the destination of your long-awaited holidays, now you just have to decide: when to go to Rhodes? Well, a perfect answer to this question does not exist. Simply because the sea, the beaches and the historical and architectural treasures of the island can be enjoyed for most of the year.

Much, of course, depends on what you want to do. If the number one goal is a holiday all about sun, sea and nightlife, then you would better choose the hottest months, or summer. In Rhodes it is full summer practically from May to September: but obviously July and August are usually the busiest months, during which the warm and dry climate of the island attracts the majority of tourists and visitors, from Italy and from all Europe. In this period, beaches and places are filled, the streets come alive, the nightlife explodes. If this is what you are looking for, then go in July and August, it’s the perfect time.

Instead, if you want to explore the old city of Rhodes, its monuments, if you really want to breathe the atmosphere of the island, visit the most hidden corners, go shopping, stroll in peace but without giving up the sun, the beach and the sea (the typical summer holiday) then May, June and September represent the best choice: it is always summer, the climate is definitely pleasant, beaches and sea are always at your disposal, but without the crowds and chaos of July and August.

The sea in Rhodes, in fact, is warm enough to take baths from June to October and reaches 25 degrees between August and September. In the south-eastern part, it is a little warmer than the central part of the Aegean, due to less ventilation. And the rains? Rainfall (average 700 mm per year) is concentrated from October to March; they often come in the form of storm, and sometimes they can be abundant. The good news is that it never rains in summer.

The autumn of Rhodes, between October and November, still has an almost summer climate, with temperatures still pleasant for the sea, for swimming offshore, for quiet walks through the wonders of the island, away from the crowds.

The winter of Rhodes, with the colder months, arrives in December, January and February: but in any case it is a winter very similar to the continental spring, with a definitely more humid climate than the summer but with sunny days that can bring even at temperatures around 20 degrees. In general, however, the winter minimum is between 3 and 5 degrees, the maximum average around 10-12°C. The spring of the island, the real one, between March and May, offers tourists a more pleasant climate, with temperatures over 25 degrees, and the spectacle of nature that awakens the island, and prepares it for a new summer.

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