Kolymbia island of Rhodes

Blue and clear sea

A place of pure relaxation and tranquility, surrounded by green nature and with a fantastic beach on the island of Rhodes? If this is what you are looking for, Kolymbia is right place for you. It is in fact a small settlement, made up almost entirely of hotels, villages, resorts and other facilities suitable for the reception of tourists, located on the east coast of the island, more or less equidistant from Rhodes, the capital city, and from the area of Pefkos and Lindos, the one characterized by the presence of typical fishing villages.

Kolymbia is undoubtedly famous for its soft and golden beach, even if it does not lack a few pebbles. The sea is, as in the whole island, blue and clear, perfect for swimming, also because the seabed is not very deep, or just for refreshing.

Being a place mainly inhabited by tourists, in Kolymbia there is no historical-cultural component, typical of the small villages of the island, which have a historical center or that grow near archaeological sites of Greek origin. Despite this, there is absolutely the presence of restaurants, bars and even night clubs does not miss and that makes the village very lively even late. It is therefore a perfect base for your trip on the island: a quiet place but at the same time lively, in a rather central position, to the major tourist centers of the area: twenty kilometers to the north there is Rhodes and twenty km to the south Lindos, both mandatory stops if you are visiting the island.

Tsambika Beach is located along the eastern coast of the island, 26 kilometers south of Rhodes City

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