How to get to Rhodes in Greece

Ship or Plane

It is the main island of the Dodecanese, among the largest of the Greek archipelagos, in the beating heart of the Mediterranean: we are talking about Rhodes, the summer tourist destination for excellence. Mythical island created, according to Greek mythology, from the union between God of the Sun Helios and the Nymph Oceanina. Here, try to think: Rhodes is there waiting for you, with its breathtaking landscapes, its natural beauties, its treasures that testify centuries of history, the pristine beaches, the characteristic places in which to spend carefree evenings with friends and meet new people… We are sure that you are wanting to book your next summer holidays right there in Rhodes.

Get to Rhodes by plane

The island of Rhodes, 1400 square kilometers of holiday paradise, 18 kilometers far from the coast of Turkey, you can safely reach both by air and by ship. The easiest and most convenient means of transport, from the UK, is of course the plane:
the flight lasts approximately two and a half hours, and in the high season there is the possibility of direct connections.

Diagoras Rhodes Airport is 15 kilometers from the city and direct connections are numerous during the summer.

Getting to Rhodes by plane is definitely the recommended choice.

Get to Rhodes by ferry

By sea there are no direct connections to the island, as the main ferries to Rhodes leave from the port of Piraeus, which in turn is connected to Patras. It is therefore a matter of choosing among the various companies operating maritime connections with these two cities of Greece. But every cloud has a silver lining , since this situation could give you the opportunity to plan your holiday in Rhodes by scheduling a visit to Athens, for example, and then from there to board for Rhodes. Among the most positive notes of a sea journey, to reach your holiday destination is certainly the fact that the islands of Greece are very well connected to each other. From Piraeus, for example, daily ferries take from 13 hours, if direct, at 18 hours, with intermediate stops, to reach Rhodes.

Get to Rhodes by car

For the more adventurous, there would also be another way to get to Rhodes: by car. Of course, it’s a bit more complicated. But if you spread the taste of adventure on the sandwich for breakfast, then you can get to Bari or Brindisi, and then take the ferry to Patras. From here reach Piraeus and board on another ferry to Rhodes is a snap. The journey takes about two days, during which you can enjoy the wait for that holiday in Rhodes that will surely reveal unforgettable.

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