Valley of the Butterflies

Unmissable attraction of the island of Rhodes

The only precaution: do not make noise. If you have the foresight to use this little attention, then you are ready to visit another unmissable attraction on the island of Rhodes. We are talking about the famous Valley of the Butterflies, a natural park that rises in the area of Petaloudes.

To be precise, the Valley of the Butterflies is about 25 km away from Rhodes city and 10 km from the airport. And it is, as you will understand from the first glance, a magical place. Due to the particular climatic conditions and humidity, a species of butterfly, during the summer period, concentrates on the branches and the waters of the valley, giving to those who visit the place, a unique and incomparable spectacle.

A very rare habitat therefore, which hosts the butterflies of the Panaxia Quadripunctaria species, present in the natural park from mid-June to the end of September. And just the concentration of millions of butterflies in the warm months, recalled by the presence of the particular resin of a tree, makes the valley appear in the eyes of visitors just like an enchanted place of fairy tales. Seeing them fly up, with their orange wings, almost forming a cloud, is really a fascinating spectacle.

Obviously, we need to pay attention: the delicate ecosystem must be treated as it deserves. Better to avoid shouts or noises that can scare butterflies, for example.

For the rest, the Valley of the Butterflies, from the administrative point of view, is part of the village of Theologos. It looks like a not very large valley, covered with pines, crossed by a large number of paths and by a stream that forms waterfalls and ponds. There are also wooden bridges that cross the Pelecanos River and a restaurant overlooking a waterfall. If you want to admire this wonder, wear the most comfortable shoes you have and pick up your feet: the spectacle of nature is there waiting for you.

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