City of Rhodes

The wonderful city of Rhodes

A must for a trip to Greece is Rhodes, a city rich in history and culture located north of the island having the same name. The inhabited center is connected, thanks to a dense network of ferries, both with the neighboring islands and with the mainland, through the Piraeus port. So it is easily reachable also for those who are living their holiday in Athens or in another point of the Dodecanese archipelago.

The town is not very big and can be divided into two well defined and differentiated areas: the “old” one is protected by a wall built by the Knights of Rhodes, historical evolution of the Hospitallers, raised in the fourteenth century. Inside them there is a striking cross between a medieval and an Ottoman city, with mosques (noteworthy that of Solimano, but unfortunately excluded exceptional cases is not open to the public) and other buildings of historical and architectural importance, most of them is located in the district of Collachio, corresponding to the old operations center of the Knights of Rhodes. It is crossed by the suggestive odòs Ippotòn, a street on which overlook the Hotels of Languages, old shelters for pilgrims going to Jerusalem.

But the two main buildings of the old city are certainly the Palace of the Great Master, which also houses numerous artworks including a copy of the Laooconte group; and the old Hospital of the Knights, now seat of an important archaeological museum.

The new city instead, second macro-zone of Rhodes, was mainly built in the early twentieth century, when the island was under the control of the Kingdom of Italy: here in addition to the streets of shopping and walking, is located also a large aquarium, designed by the Italian architect Armando Bernabiti.

What’s better than the perfect combination of history, tradition and modernity? All this is waiting for you in Rhodes, a fantastic capital city of one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean sea.

Trianta beach is located in a relatively close position to the city of Rhodes, just 7 kilometers f

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