Sea and beaches of Rhodes

More than 200 km of beaches

Sea or Mountain? You generally start like this when it comes to deciding the destination for your summer holidays. And when you choose the sea, you almost always do it because you want a pristine sea and white and soft beaches where getting lost from dawn till dusk, and maybe even later. Here: the island of Rhodes, that strip of land immersed in the Mediterranean, is able to offer exactly this.

Because if it is true that Rhodes, from the city to the whole island, offers events, attractions and shows for everyone, as well as an infinity of places where to spend the days and nights, it is equally true that the sea and the beaches remain the its main strength. In other words, the main touristic attraction of Rhodes is obviously the sea and its many beaches. Before leaving, if you happen, try to look at it from above, turn on your computer and look for it on the maps.

The island of Rhodes boasts more than 200 kilometers of coastline, and over half of these 200 kilometers are accessible and equipped beaches. From the most famous to crowded, at any time, to those that instead allow you in the high season to find a corner of paradise, a small bay where to escape to, without the clamor of the crowd. What matters is that almost all the beaches of Rhodes have the blue flag, reflecting the perfect clarity and beauty of the sea water.

In Rhodes city is located the famous Elli beach, a long sandy and pebbled beach, surrounded by many hotels, restaurants and beach bars, very popular with locals and tourists. Leaving the city you can meet some of the most popular and busy places, such as Ixia, Kremasti and Ialysos, with numerous hotels, excellent tourist services and a long beach of sand and pebbles. In addition to the equipped beaches there is also the possibility to use large stretches of free beach.

Along the south-east coast, towards Faliraki, you can find several different inlets, with rocky areas and small sheltered beaches. Kalithea, 10 km from Rhodes town, has a sandy beach with a calm sea and a seabed that seems made for snorkeling. Ladico, on the other hand, is very hung out with Italians. Nearby there is Anthony Quinn Bay.

After Faliraki area, towards Lindos, there are many beaches and small touristic destinations. Without forgetting Lindos, the most famous touristic place in the south of Rhodes island, with a very wide and fine sandy beach. Sandy beaches of Lardos are instead known as some of the wildest and less frequented by tourists on the island of Rhodes. A quiet place, with clubs and shops but without a real center, perfect for those who just want to relax.

And Prasonissi, in the most southern part of the island, between the Mediterranean and the Aegean, has a beach that leaves visitors literally enchanted. In short, we could go on forever, to describe the beaches of Rhodes, meter per meter. But maybe it is easier if you come to visit them.

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