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First rule: if you have the chance, the best way, and also quite cheap to get around in Rhodes and its surroundings, is renting a car. Alternatively you can also rent scooters, which are even cheaper and can be used in two. The roads are all paved, except for a few sections inside the island, especially in the south. As for public transportation, the Rhodes city bus station is next to the Nea Agora (new market), near the Mandraki port. Tickets can also be bought on the bus by the ticket collector or the driver. There are also the cabs, which in Rhodes are dark blue with a white roof. In any case, whatever the chosen means of transport is, there are many places on the island to visit. And the excursions in Rhodes, often organized by the same facilities that host tourists at night, offer visitors from all over the world the opportunity to see the thousand beauties of the area. And also those that are located outside the island of Rhodes. The island of Symi, for example, can be reached by boat. You can visit the great monastery of Saint Michael and its church with beautiful frescoes and icons. Also interesting is the port of the island, important for fishing and for the sales of marine sponges, without forgetting of course to visit the characteristic village. A mini-cruise, always by boat, will allow you, if you want, to see from the open sea and admire the most beautiful and famous beaches of the island: Anthony Quinn bay, Stegna, Tsampika Beach and Kallithea. Maybe with a nice dive from the boat, which never really spoils. An “food and wine” excursion can be the one towards Prassonissi, at the extreme point of the island. Maybe with a stop along the way to Siana to taste some typical local products, such as suma (Greek grappa) and honey (this is a great place to take a break and taste the local specialties, especially grilled meats to match with wine), and a visit to the Orthodox church of the village, before continuing to Prassonissi, with a subsequent visit to the church of Archangelos. If, on the other hand, you want to push yourself a little further, Turkey is basically there, just a stone’s throw away. With the hydrofoil you can sail from the port of Rhodes to arrive after about an hour of navigation at the Turkish coast. Ideal for strolling through the stands of the characteristic Marmaris bazaar, experiencing the typical atmosphere of the Turkish kashba.

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