Typical dishes of Rhodes

Greek salad, yogurt, lots of fish and desserts ...

There are certainties when you go to Greece. The same certainties that, inevitably, can be found among the narrow streets, squares, alleys and beaches of Rhodes island. And these are certainties about the moments probably among the happiest that you will spend in your Greek holiday: those spent at the table.

Just to start: you can not say that you were in Greece if you did not taste feta. It is the traditional Greek cheese, semi-hard but crumbly, very white and slightly salty, produced for 80% with sheep’s milk and the remaining 20% with goat’s milk.

An indispensable must, served in practically all typical restaurants (even in the oven version), and essential to prepare the famous Greek salad: feta cut into cubes with cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, red onions and plenty of olive oil. As well as anywhere moussaka is found, or a sort of eggplant parmigiana, and the unmissable Greek yogurt.

But if your destination is Rhodes, with its sea and its beaches, then at the table you can not find a lot of fish. Prepared in many ways, and almost always accompanied by tzatziki, a white sauce made with Greek yogurt, garlic and cucumber.

Among the main dishes of the Greek tradition are also Greek salads (horiatiki), stuffed vegetables, brik, or red caviar, taramosalata, a salad prepared with fish eggs, yemistas, tomatoes stuffed with rice and peppers served with potatoes, pastitsio, minced meat cooked in a béchamel sauce. And yet the goat baked with beans or chickpeas (kapamas), chickpea patties (pittaroudia), rice with cuttlefish ink (soupioriso), beans cooked in a ceramic jug inside a brick oven (manatsouki). It is impossible to forget the gyros, very similar to the Turkish kebab but made (almost always) with pork meat.

Are you still not full yet? So let’s go with desserts, then. Traditional ones with honey, like the talagoundes, which resemble the Italian waffles but are made with honey, sesame, cinnamon and walnuts. In Rhodes, the typical dessert of the holidays is instead melekouni, a cake made with sesame and honey.

And then there is no laid table without a good wine, of course. In Rhodes there are three DOC wines: the white Athiri, the red (variety Mandilaria or also called Amorghiano) with the scent of red fruit or a lovable white wine, produced by the blending of two varieties of Moscato grapes, with a taste of apricot and sweet candy.

And at the end, when you have eaten, chatted and laughed, all that remains is to finish the meal with the ouzo, the famous Greek alcoholic drink all over the planet, a very high alcoholic liquor (at least 40-50 degrees) and product with anise. Are you satisfied now?

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