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For years, boys and girls from all over the world have chosen this solution to leave behind their family of origin and start traveling and knowing the world. In fact, hostels are the favorite destination for young people, those same young people who right in the heart of Rhodes, inside the pulsating heart of its nightclubs and its worldwide famous nightlife, can find the perfect destination for an holiday to remember for an entire lifetime.

The hostels of Rhodes, those of the New Town and its beaches, are a real guarantee: a safe place to meet, share dreams and experiences, make new acquaintances, open your mind and heart, and come back enriched every under point of view.

If you are young, if you want adventure and if what you are looking for is a place to meet and get together, then the hostels of the island of Rhodes are waiting for you, with their background to share and new memories to create, day by day.

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