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There are many ways to enjoy a holiday. During the holidays there are those who prefer to live organized days to the last detail, from breakfast to dinner, without neglecting anything. Others, on the other hand, love exactly the opposite.

And when they are on holiday, they just want to throw away clocks and agenda of commitments, enjoying maximum freedom. A freedom that only a perfectly autonomous accommodation is able to guarantee. An accommodation in which, if you want, you can get up in the middle of the night and cook a plate of pasta, if you want. Freedom and security without compromise.

The island of Rhodes is able to give an answer also to this type of tourists. There are in fact residences and apartments for every need, from the most refined and equipped to the cheapest, but all perfect for those who need an accommodation that guarantees autonomy and independence. In common this type of accommodation has one, two or more bedrooms, obviously a kitchenette to use whenever and however you want, a living room and a bathroom. A real apartment to rent, perfect for families with children, for example, or simply for those who want to spend a holiday without schedules.

On the other hand, if you want to combine freedom with the luxury of a holiday without restraints, then you can consider renting a real villa. Even in this case, Rhodes is able to meet any need, with villas of various sizes and types, available to those who want to visit Rhodes in total independence, but with maximum comfort.

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